Several local and international associations has been contributed Eltiqa's projects, through funding solo and collective exhibitions, workshops, art festivals, residencies, art material, exhibitions publications and more, and here some these associations:
Consulate General of France in Jerusalem
(Producing artistic projects, raw materials and other fee, artistic residencies at the City of Arts in Paris and other)
(Artistic residencies at the City International des Arts in Paris)
Qattan Foundation
(Production of works of art, artistic residencies in the Arab and international areas, roaming artists, versions and manuals art projects, workshops)
Program Gaza Community Mental Health
(Partial support workshop and exhibition of project Gaz'Art 1)
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights
(Partial support - Workshop and Exhibition of Visual Stories)
Swiss Agency for Development
(Partial support for exhibitions)
German Goethe Institute
(Workshop Politography)
Municipalities: Paris / Toulouse / Najak / GENEVA / Rhodes / Moasak
(Holding exhibitions collectively and individually, travel and roaming artists, workshops, support material)